The Fine Art of Patricia F. Brown
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Copyright 2002-2013 Patricia Brown

P.F features the exclusive artwork of Salt Spring Island's Patricia Brown. With a professional background in architecture her paintings can at once reflect a symmetry and precision while being imaginatively cloaked in pure organic substance and flow which also unfolds in amazing ways throughout her more recent Fibonacci Series. Her use of water colour and egg tempera in her artwork is a highly disciplined skill making each piece detailed exquisitely provoking insights into how the forces of nature manifest in a myriad of forms, translucent colour and texture. Time and space is hugely elemental in all aspects of her work, profoundly capturing indigenous relationships found throughout nature's elements.

The Earth Circles series forms a sequence of paintings which presents for the first time to the world wide web, not just a 'baker's dozen' of selected original works but a cycle of work as in the 13 moon cycles we experience in every solar year.

Her inspiration continues as she travels the world, imbuing her art with deep impressions she is uniquely receptive to as she evolves as an artist expanding her horizons and showing us the world from her keen perceptions. The work in her Yellow Point seriesbrings an other-worldliness to things closer to home with a new ranges of colours one would be hard-pressed to define. Her mid-west travels through Antelope Canyon have undoubtedly captured the area with impeccable clarity throughout that series and certinly her Pueblo series reveals how easily humanity could blend into their environment in contrast to simply building on top of it.

And there is more. As a long time resident of SALTSPRING ISLAND, this original ARTIST of Salt Spring is deeply involved in expanding the creative culture of her community. Patricia Brown, with her paintings of moths, frogs, toads, salmon, dragons, skeletal archaeological anatomy and architecturally precise design creates an invitation to all to experience the deeper message underlying the creative processes of free expression.

Final 3D Gallery Note: Try this... explore Patricia's 3D Virtual Gallery in a real-time 'walkabout' as you would experience any gallery from a first person perspective. Come back to this website using either the Chrome or FireFox Internet Browser and see for yourself!. See also Zone Central for more ways to experience Patricia's art.